A news report on WMTW indicates that town officials are considering a curfew for teens in Norway, Maine. The discussion was prompted by a "violent attack and other fights" that reportedly happened recently in Oxford County. One of the fights, which supposedly involved a group of teens ganging up on one kid, happened in Paris, and was circulated on Facebook. WMTW says it resulted in a teen whose injuries warranted being sent to the hospital. Two others were arrested for aggravated assault.

Norway Police Chief Robert Federico told the news station that the number of fights among kids in this age group has increased since spring. He and other town leaders are talking about rolling the teen curfew back from 10 p.m. to 7 p.m. The Norway board of selectmen would have the final say in the matter.

The Oxford Hills school district sent a letter to the parents which explained why the high school and middle school temporarily went from classroom to remote learning this week.

The letter stated:

The district has a strong no bullying policy, investigation practice, and a code of conduct that is adhered to and taken seriously. When reported, bullying is taken seriously: The district provides several opportunities for bullying reports to be made, both in person and anonymously on our web page. The district will continue to make available counselors and social workers to assist students with peer interactions, bullying issues and other concerns.

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