UPDATE: It appears the there is a mini golf course coming to the location.  According to their Facebook page, it will open on June 1st, 2021.


Like it or not, time changes everything.  If you live in an area long enough, you’ll see some of your favorite local businesses close.  The local store where your mom bought your school clothes.  The restaurant where your family had their Sunday dinners.  The auto dealership where you bought your first car.

Sadly, this happens with our favorite attractions, too.

For years, thousands of families enjoyed the water slides, mini golf, rock climbing, and laser tag at Bethel, Maine’s Big Adventure Amusement Park.  Located near Sunday River ski area, it was very popular with visitors to the mountain.  It provided an alternative option on nasty days where the weather was good for being on the mountain.

Then, suddenly, the park closed.

A few years ago, a group of urban adventurers visited the now abandoned park to film a video.  They found the place slides overgrown with vegetation, the pools filled with murky water,  and abandoned buildings.

That video is no longer available

We do not condone people entering abandoned structures without the owner's permission.  This can be considered trespassing and, depending on the state of the structures, can be dangerous.  Please be safe and stay on this side of the law.

Based on what we found on Trulia, it looks like this park was, at one point, for sale.  It appears to be off the market now, though.

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