After 3 years of being at the helm of MSAD 1 in Presque Isle and MSAD 45 in Washburn, Superintendent of Schools, Brian Carpenter, has resigned.

Carpenter sent a resignation letter to the MSAD 1 Board of Directors on Wednesday, January 16th after serving 3 years as the district's superintendent as well as District 45 in Washburn.

According to Lucy Richard, Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Maine School Management Association in Augusta is working on a list of suitable candidates to cover the duties of the position until a new Superintendent of Schools can be interviewed and hired.

Once the board receives the list from MSM, the search for a new superintendent will begin as soon as possible, according to Richard.

Richard also stated,

"On behalf of the Board of Directors, we appreciate Mr. Carpenter's service for the past 3 years and wish him well on future endeavors."

Carpenter's resignation takes effect Friday, January 18.



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