It might sound weird, but about 80-percent of the world's population eat bugs. American's are part of the 20-percent weirdos that don't eat them.

David George Gordon, also known as the "Bug Chef", has been preparing bugs for decades and has written several recipe books as well.

Remember when your mother would put some on your plate and tell you that you need to try new things? Well, bug eating takes that persuasion to a whole new level.

This summer, why not try something new? There are lots of summer bugs in Maine that you can eat so, why not?

Here are 5 bugs in Maine that are safe to ingest, should you want to step out into the mysterious world of bug eating. 

  1. Ants - They may not be the friendliest critters, but they are edible. I would recommend you stay away from fire ants, should you take a trip to Texas this year, but the black ones are o.k.
  2. June Bugs - You have to jump on these guys pretty quick because they're only around for about a month or so. Grilled June Bugs seem to be a pretty good deal, or you can fry them. Keep the bottle of BBQ sauce on hand, just in case you need it.
  3. Crickets & Grasshoppers - Kind of like locust and honey. This was something that John the Baptist ate. If he ate it, then we can too! For their size, they are extremely high in protein. So give your pocket book a break from buying expensive protein bars and just go with a free meal.
  4. Bees & Wasps (Bee Larvae) - David Cordon writes in one of his books, "The Eat a Bug Cookbook" that the Japanese would tie a string around a bee, follow it to its hive, use smoke to drive away the bees so they could gather and eat the larvae. Getting the string around a bee may be more of a challenge than eating their larvae.
  5. Termites - Who would have thought? These guys are really high in protein also. So, if you come upon a fallen tree, there is sure to be termites in them.

In case you thought we were joking, check out this video below and see that there are people of high esteem eating bugs. You'll get some good ideas on how to eat them with Chef David George Gordon in the video below.


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