If you're like some, then you probably play music for your pooch while you're out and about. Studies show that dogs approve of Reggae music the best.

The Scottish SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has conducted a study on dogs, to find out what genre of music they enjoy the best.

A Ph.D. student, Amy Bowman shared that music does have an effect on our dogs' behavior. However, she did not elaborate on how much it affects our K-9's.

According to the report, the dogs that they tested were exposed to many different genres of music and they studied both the dogs' behavior and psyche as the music played.

Neil Evans, a professor involved with the study, stated that the overall behavior of the dogs were studied with various types of music and concluded that dogs, like humans, have their favorite tunes also.

The winning genre's in the study were Reggae with soft rock coming in second.

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