The Southern Aroostook Middle/High School announced their academic honors for the first trimester of the 2021-22 school year. SAHS serves the communities of Island Falls, Dyer Brook, Crystal, Hersey, Merrill, Oakfield, and Smyrna.

The Standards

To be considered for honors must average at least a 3.0 across all academic classes they are receiving credit. Students who receive high honors have accumulated a GPA of 3.4 - 3.75 and are in good-standing. The highest honors are reserved for students who have an overall GPA of 3.75 - 4.0. 

Congratulations goes out to the students for continuing to put their education first during one of the most challenging times in history. You have dealt with lockdowns, masks, restrictions, remote learning, and so much more, but these students continue to shine in the classroom.

Without further ado... 

Here are the names of those who have been recognized by RSU 50 for having achieved the honors.  

Grade 6; 

High Honors – Haley McGary, Jakoby Porter 

Honors - Lyndsie Beaulieu, Caroline Elhoff, Mason Hatch, Kendal Lawlor, Jayden White 

Grade 7; 

Honors - Kevin Clark, Emma Cooper, Frank Drake, Jazmyn Ellingwood, Ruth Greene, Alexa Hersey, William Hersey, Connor Lilley 

Grade 8; 

Honors - Dillan Bishop, Richard Chambers, Daniel Kuindersma, Kason Lawlor, Hannah McGary, Ally Shields, Annie Stevens, Joel Strother, Ashlyn York   

Grade 9; 

Highest Honors – Rylee Webb 

High Honors - Libby Anderson, Ciera Dignan, Olivia Engebretson, Rylee Kuliga, Sarah London, Addyson Schmidt 

Honors - Ethan Collier, Jacob Ellingwood, Mackenzie Lilley, Bethany Schmidt, Alaina Stevens, Austin Tarr 

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Grade 10; 

Highest Honors – Cami Shields 

High Honors - Dylan Burpee, Tristen Hardy, Bridger Noyes, Bailey Vose 

Honors - Amaya Boutlier, Leana Caswell, Brooke Ivey, Emmalee Landry, Lexi-lynn Rackliff, Autumn Robinson, Madison Shields, Conner Walker 

Grade 11; 

Highest Honors - Jennah Brooks, Alyssa Crandall, Callie Russell   

High Honors - John Langer, Alexia MacLaren, Shayna McMannus, Madison Russell 
Honors - Wyatt Kuliga, Camden Porter 

Grade 12; 

Highest Honors - Maggie Harthorne 

High Honors - Hunter Burpee, Esther Greene, Emily Skinner 

Honors – Gracie Brewer, Adain Bubar, Chris Caswell, Lindsay Derosier, Samantha Desrosier, Aedan Gadsby, Jordyn Legassey, Laura Lyons, Christopher Mitchell, Emily Stewart, Devon Tarr, Ethan Webb 

To learn more about Southern Aroostook you can visit the district's website here.

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