The Barstool Sports Podcaster brings attention to a cold case disappearance. He has also become the center of a debate within the town of Madawaska.

Kirk Minihane is a host known for his podcast The Kirk Minihane Show for Barstool SportsThe podcaster has taken on a new challenge in an attempt to shed light on cold case from 1989. You can download The Kirk Minihane Show and The Case wherever you find your podcasts.

Minihane has also become the center of controversy in Madawaska. At a selectman meeting on May 25th, it was presented that Chapel Road be renamed Kirk Minihane Way. The board decided to temporarily grant the new name of the road, but it would not be permanent. Perhaps you have seen an article or two circulating our area about Minihane, but none of them are true Minifans and they lack an understanding of where the host is coming from.


There were some selectmen expressed hesitation about renaming the road or any parks after Minihane because they felt there are many others who put “blood, sweat, and tears” into the community. It is my personal opinion that if there were someone worthy of such an honor, it would have been done by now.  

In February of 2020, The Kirk Minihane Show to the popular podcast on the road to Madawaska. There was a live show recorded with 150 Minifans at the Lakeview Restaurant in St. Agatha. Many of the Minifans traveled from all over New England in a storm to be part of the experience. The podcast was an economic boost to the area.  

Fast forward to 2021 and The Kirk Minihane Show is looking to come back to Madawaska on June 12. The Kirk Minihane Show made stars out of local people like Stacie from the market and the Minifans packed Ricks Burgers and Wings each night they were in town.

Kirk Minihane is coming to town just as his cold case podcast “The Case” has completed its first season. The podcast became so popular that there are new developments that are being made public and authorities are pursuing the investigation further.  

From the outside some may see a brash and unapologetic host, but anyone who has followed Minihane knows that the impact he has made on individuals is immeasurable. I know all of this because I am a Minifan. I was at the Madawaska show and I listen to the Kirk Minihane Show regularly and have immersed myself in “The Case.” Kirk has openly talked about his own mental health and has created a community of people who are open about their mental health. He let us into his world when he lost both of his parents within weeks of each other. Kirk is in touch with his fans. He responded to my personal message after my father passed away earlier in the year.


The host is unafraid to of tackling the issues most media outlets are afraid to touch, such as dishonesty and fabrication that has become the norm in reporting today. Minihane's investigative talent was displayed when he infamously exposed Boston Globe journalist Kevin Cullen who made several false claims about his whereabouts during the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013.  The investigation led to Cullen being suspended for 3 months by The Boston Globe. Kirk even attempted to buy Channel X but Mr. Chandler was not having any of it. 

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The way that Minihane goes about his business may not be typical, but he does work hard will stand up for the truth. We could use more of that these days. You don’t always have to put “blood, sweat, and tears” into a community to receive an honor such as having a road renamed or a park. Can we find a way to keep Kirk Minihane coming back to our beloved Aroostook County? 

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