Maine's waters are getting a little more lively this spring.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife posted on social media about the department's latest fish stocking project. State biologists are swarming across the state to re-stock rivers, brooks, ponds, and lakes.

As they wrote, over 400,000 fish, both brook trout and landlocked salmon, will be stocked in 450 of Maine's bodies of water. The fish were relocated from hatcheries by bucket, plane, and even that sweet waterslide-looking tube. I think that would be my option if I were a fish.

Fish stocking is very important to a body of water. According to the department, stocking helps promote a good environment and provides more recreational fishing opportunities, which help boost the economy.

The importance of a healthy angling community is quite important for a state like Maine. Considering its reputation as an incredible recreational state, it's no surprise that the department is doing its best to keep it healthy.

Living in a balanced environment is also very crucial. I'm very happy to see the state of Maine taking this balance and the importance of a natural food chain very seriously. That balance can absolutely affect us all if it breaks down.

The department is keeping a public record of all of the stocking for 2022. So far, over 100 bodies of water have been stocked at least once, with the largest stock being 2,000 brook trout taking a dive into Schoodic Lake in Lake View Plantation. You can track the reports here.

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