Have you noticed the sign wars going on in Presque Isle? This is exactly what we needed after all we've all been through. 

We have a couple of new entrants into the #CACCSignWars. The Green Team from Katahdin Trust threw their hats into the ring

To my surprise, the Katahdin Trust green went away and was overtaken by a sea of blue

Okay Carrolls Auto Sales. Let's see what you come up with?

The Governor got into the sign wars also

The Aroostook Shrine Club is throwing down the challenge. They may be clowns but they can count. 1,2,3,4...

You knew the Verizon guys would have an answer. They know how to talk 

It's nice to see things are friendly, but the Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce is looking to bury everyone else right away. Those who know what lies across the road from the Chamber office can get a bigger laugh out of this Where ya at, State Farm? 

Uh-oh. Somebody called FAPCO and now they challenge at where the builders go..  

Sign says "SW Collins, we WOOD love to insure you. We do it best" Of course they made sure to use the hashtag #CACCSignWars

SW Collins chiming in  

"We like Klownin Around. Do we need insurance for that FAPCO?"

Things are heating up on Main Street between Dead River and the team from Remax Anyone who knows the team at Remax, know who came up with this one. Does anyone else have a good guess?  

Dead River with the response. If you look closer you will see our Townsquare Presque Isle office location.  By the way, what a beautiful morning in Aroostook County?! 

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It's great to see our businesses having some fun. This is all very entertaining and we can't wait to see what you come up with next. We will be reading. Can we get some more of the businesses to join in? Lets go!

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