Interesting question.  Should public schools in Maine require kids to wear a uniform?  Clearly, uniforms are popular throughout the country because every store I go into has a section that sells the khaki or navy pants and the white shirts.  I often wonder, why don't we enforce this in our schools.

My niece lives in Georgia and they have a uniform, or dress code, that they have to abide by.  Here's why I think this is a good idea:

  • It starts to teach kids how to dress appropriately for the workforce.
  • It's cheaper!!
  • It eliminates the need or want to have the very best, and if you don't have the very best then you'll be made fun of.
  • Easy to pick your clothes for school in the morning.

Of course, someone is going to say it takes away the kids' 'right' to express themselves.  Trust me, there's many many many other ways they can express themselves.  Need an example?  They can:

  • Write their thoughts in a journal
  • Join the Student Council
  • Join any after school program
  • Play a sport (ooops, nevermind...a uniform is required for that...scratch that thought)
  • Become independent and get a job (Ooops...nope, that requires, usually, a uniform or dress code)
  • Draw a picture
  • Cry a river, build a bridge and learn to 'get over it'...not everybody gets trophies or gets to decide what they want to wear when they get older.

I would LOVE to see this pass at ALL public schools in Maine.

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