Earlier this week, in Florida, there was a shooting that resulted in the death of a father of 3.  The incident...was over a parking space.  Michael Drejka fatally shot Markeis McGlockton at a convenience store in Clearwater.  However, Drejka isn't facing any charges.  Why?

Michael Drejka is protected by Florida's Stand Your Ground Law.  Drejka was having a verbal argument over a parking spot with Markeis McGlockton's girlfriend.  When McGlockton came outside, hearing the argument, he pushed Drejka to the ground.  At that point, Drejka reached for a gun and shot McGlockton in the chest.

Under the Stand Your Ground Law, Michael Drejka was acting in self defense.  While many do not agree wtih Drejka's actions...he is still protected under the law.

Here are the following states that have a Stand Your Ground law.  Maine is NOT on the list:

Do you think Maine should have a Stand Your Ground Law?


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