Not to sound rhetorical, but it's true when we say that we're not making this stuff up. A digital company in Minneapolis has added a new policy and call it 'fur-ternity' leave.

It is a term that has been created by a digital company named Nina Hale, who was inspired to adopt the new leave program when their Senior Accounts Manager, Connor McCarthy, adopted a Goldendoodle named Bentley.

In wanting to help his new K-9 settle into his new home environment, McCarthy talked about adjusting his schedule in order to take some time to help his new pet.

McCarthy's request was approved, quite quickly I might add, and it alerted the executives in the company that animals were just as important to their employees as human babies are.

Three months after McCarthy's request, the company rolled out the new policy in its benefits package.

Is this reasonable? Overboard? Or just another step in a company allowing it's employees to help them start a new family?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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