Seven pounds of fentanyl was seized with a loaded handgun and one man was arrested after a drug trafficking investigation in Biddeford.

Multiple Charges

The MDEA investigated the case for eight months and arrested 24-year-old Almuntadhar M. Mohammed from Biddeford on Wednesday for Unlawful Drug Trafficking, Unlawful Aggravated Drug Trafficking. Aggravated enhancements due to total drug weights and firearm possession.

Drug Sources Out of State

Police said Mohammed bought large supplies of fentanyl from out of state sources. He repackaged the drugs and sold them in Cumberland and York Counties.

Undercover Purchases

Agents made undercover purchases of fentanyl at different locations. Mohammed had arrest warrants for the sales.

Arrested during Undercover Sale

“The Cumberland and York District Task Forces and officers of the Saco Police Department arrested Mohammed without incident when he arrived at a Saco business parking lot to deliver fentanyl to an undercover agent,” said the MDEA.

Freed on Bail

Mohammed was taken to the York County Jail. He was bailed out later for $7,500.

Apartment Searched

After his arrest, a search warrant was executed at his apartment at 21 Ray Street in Biddeford.


Seven Pounds of Fentanyl Seized with Loaded Gun

MDEA Agents and Biddeford Police seized over seven pounds (3,381 grams) of fentanyl, a loaded handgun, $2,500 in suspected drug proceeds and other drug trafficking evidence.

Street Value of Drugs Over $300,000

The approximate street value of the seized fentanyl is more than $300,000.

$100,000 Bail

Mohammed was arrested again on May 2 for the evidence seized. He was taken into custody in Saco and transported to the York County Jail with bail set at $100,000.

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