I'm not a big Minecraft guy but I do marvel at what people create. Check out this amazing recreation of the Auburn Mall! I can almost smell the Papa Ginos through my screen. Oh wait, that's gone now. How long does something like this take to do on Minecraft?  This incredible virtual creation was done by "Joe Pro" who certainly knows his way around Minecraft...and Auburn, Maine.

The actual Auburn Mall opened in 1979 with JC Penney and Porteous as the anchors. It contains 300,000 square feet of retail space....all magically recreated here on Minecraft.



Joe Pro even did a great job on the interior!



Check out the full "tour" of the Auburn Mall here.



Joe Pro loves his Auburn, Maine, and also did an amazing Minecraft version of Auburn's Rollodrome! You know the Rollodrome, it's the place where "Good Skaters Meet."  Backward skate everyone!


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