They'll probably never ever quit. We're talking about scammers who are always trying to steal your identity and money. Well, They're at it again.

The scammers are now using Amazon's good name to trick you into landing a job to nowhere with the phony cloak colored as a stay-at-home job.

This is nowhere near that. had a lady call their free, call-in helpline about a recorded message she'd received from what sounds like Amazon, offering her a stay-at-home job.

Clark Howard's team informed the lady that the recording was certainly not a legitimate job listing. He also advised her to not answer any calls from numbers that she didn't recognize.

The phone number in question was 816-281-9811.

There was something else that didn't look right either.

If you're wanting to land a job with Amazon, then you'd need to go to Some of the fraudulent 'job' websites that are out there consist of but are not limited to

  • (Our favorite one).

Another red flag that got their attention was that the job description stated that someone could make $500 in just a few hours.

If you're looking for a job, then best to you and we hope you find a good one soon. But in the meantime, be aware of junk websites run by scammers who would rather harm you than help.





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