If there was one positive thing that came from 2020, it's that many people in New England reconnected with nature and outdoor activities. Hiking, tubing, kayaking and rafting saw huge jumps in popularity in Maine and Vermont. Which gave one city in New Hampshire an idea, what if we could create a whitewater park to bring tourism in? According to WCVB, that's exactly what will happen in Franklin, New Hampshire this year. It'll be called Mill City Park at Franklin Falls and if everything goes according to plan, it'll look something like this rendering shared on Facebook.

What Exactly Is A Whitewater Park?

Whitewater parks have become super popular in states like Oregon and Colorado but have yet to catch on in New England. Mill City Park at Franklin Falls hopes to change that. For whitewater enthusiasts, the city plans to harness the power of the Winnipesaukee River to give kayakers and canoers a chance at some legit whitewater features. For those that aren't up for the challenge, there will be areas on the river designated for swimming. There will be walking and biking paths that surround the river, a community garden to explore and even a amphitheater for some live entertainment.

Is This Just A Day Trip Or Can I Stay Overnight?

Mill City Park at Franklin Falls has an ambitious master plan for the property that includes designated areas for people to stay overnight. There will be tenting sites that abut the river and rentable cabins further into the wooded area.

Dome tent

How Much Will Admission Be?

Free. And yes, you read that right. The purpose behind the park was to bring tourism to a city that needs it. The river will be maintained thanks to cabin and tent site rental fees. But use of the trails, parkour area, and whitewater features at the new park will be completely free.

When Does The Park Open?

Mill City Park at Franklin Falls is finally fully permitted and work will take place throughout the summer to make the vision come to life. Organizers are hoping to be open by September of 2021.

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