Multiple law enforcement agencies responded to the Chapman Road in Presque Isle Wednesday afternoon to what was originally reported to be a hostage situation.

The Presque Isle Police Department says they received a 911 call from 48-year-old Shawn Theriault shortly before 1:30 p.m. The report was that Colby Doucette was holding Theriault’s 28-year-old daughter hostage in a car at 1615 Chapman Road.

When officers arrived, Theriault told them that Doucette had fired shots at him from a rifle (long gun).

Officers were able to communicate with Heather Theriault that she was not being held hostage and there was not a firearm in the vehicle. Officers ordered Doucette and Miss Theriault out of the car without incident.

The perimeter was held secure while police investigated reports of up to three more, possibly armed, persons hiding inside the house or in other buildings on the property.  The site was eventually cleared. No one was injured during police involvement.

Presque Isle Police say Doucette sought treatment for complaint of pain he sustained in an altercation with Shawn Theriault at a service station on Main Street, leading up to the 911 call. The case is still under investigation with charges pending.

PIPD was assisted by Maine State Police, Aroostook County Sheriff's Office, U.S. Border Patrol, Maine Warden Service, Fort Fairfield PD, Caribou PD, off-duty PIPD Officers, and Presque Isle Fire and Ambulance (on stand-by) as well as a Customs helicopter.

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