We've all been there.  Even with the best-laid plans, we're in a hurry, running late, and can't believe we have to sit and wait for our icy windows to defrost.  Oh, those New England winters after a snow or ice storm.  And even if you have a garage, these storms don't always happen when our vehicles are parked inside.

Now, the traditional way still works.  You know the drill.  We start our vehicles, blast the heat with the defroster button on, pump our windshield wiper fluid a few times, and run our windshield wipers back and forth to loosen up and slowly melt the ice.

winter driving - scraping ice from a windshield

This process works a bit quicker after using an ice scraper to break up the ice as well, if you so choose.  Then, we just sit in a warm car and listen to music while playing around on our phones, just relaxing and waiting.

However, according to the Today Show, if you're pressed for time, here's the secret to getting your windshield and any other windows ice-free in seconds.  The winter life hack is simple, as it easily and quickly melts away the ice.

  • Grab an empty spray bottle
  • Fill up a third of the bottle with water
  • Fill the other two-thirds with isopropyl or rubbing alcohol
  • Shake it up
  • Spray

According to the Today Show, this solution works because the alcohol doesn't freeze until at least 138 degrees below zero, so just keep it in your car if you want.

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