Earlier in the week we officially hit the summer season and we had the perfect summer weather yesterday. This week it was the Presque Isle Downtown Revitalization Committee's Rockin' on Riverside street festival.  


Taking the stage and providing some music last night was local favorite Wally and The Virginian. There was just the right amount of breeze to keep the bugs away from ruining the evening. The food vendors saw steady lines throughout the evening. We are fortunate that in The County we have a chance to attend community events each week. On the opposite Thursday's the city of Caribou offers their Thursdays on Sweden which is a great time as well.  


The community event that is held every other Thursday has become a popular mid-week escape for many in the Star-City area. As restrictions continue to loosen, I am finding people are more than ready to get out and to socialize. There were multiple times last night I was seeing people I had not seen in almost 2 years. These are people who I used to see every week pre-pandemic.



Thank you to the PIDRC for continuing to offer this event to the community. It is bringing much needed positive vibes and the fresh air is helping people move forward as we "get back to normal". If you missed this Rockin’on Riverside, or if you have never been there are more dates for this summer! The next Rockin will be on Thursday July 8 and providing the music will be Star-City Syndicate.

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For more information on the Rockin on Riverside, follow the Presque Isle Downton Revitalization Committee Facebook Page.

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