Northern Light AR Gould Hospital has been providing drive up COVID-19 testing since March of this year. For most of that time, the testing has been done in the parking lot at the hospital’s North Street Healthcare Center. Wednesday, September 23, the testing site will return to AR Gould Hospital on Academy Street.

“With dropping temperatures and winter on the horizon, it is time to move our testing under cover,” explained Greg LaFrancois, president. “We will have staff in our medical transport garage, which has bay doors on both sides of the building. We will route traffic onto campus and into one door, where they will be swabbed, and then they will exit through the second door.”

Offering shelter for the testing is for the comfort of both the patients and the staff who work at the test site. At this time, testing hours will stay the same, from 9 am to 1 pm, seven days a week (with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas). Hours are subject to change in the future based on community need.

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