If you're a snowmobile fanatic and you love to ride the snowy trails, then you more than welcome all of the nice snow we've received this season.

Whether you're taking a trip to Oxbow to eat a bison burger at The Homestead Lodge or traveling up to the valley for a great overnight trip, the trails in northern Maine are the best in the world, bar none!

But we want to know which trails you think are the best groomed, have the best joints to grab a bite and best access to hotels for an overnight stay.

We already know we're going to fall short in mentioning all the trails that carry many sledders throughout the County, and that is why we've left a spot for you to fill in.

Based on the three basic metrics listed above, who do you think has the best snowmobile trails in the County?

Thanks to the Caribou Snowmobile Club and Gary Marquis for providing the list of all the clubs who do such a great job at grooming our trails and planning suppers for us!

Please take a moment to participate in our little poll below. This should be fun!


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