Northern Maine Regional Airport in Presque Isle was closed for about 3 hours Wednesday after a cargo plane was forced to make an emergency landing.

Angela Waye/Thinkstock
Angela Waye/Thinkstock

According to Presque Isle Public Information Officer Kim Smith, a USPS freight carrier had to make a controlled emergency landing around 11 a.m. after its landing gear failed to open. The pilot, Eric Albright, was in radio contact and circled the airport numerous times to use up fuel while emergency crews prepared for the landing. Airport personnel, along with the Presque Isle Police and Fire Departments responded and laid down foam so the plane could land safely. There was no fire or smoke.

The pilot made it out safely and was taken to the Aroostook Medical Center for evaluation, Smith said.

The Northern Maine Regional Airport reopened around 2:00 p.m. although the main runway was closed until the plane could be cleared.

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