Ever since saying "Goodbye," the young women of the troupe formerly known as 2NE1 have already been all over the headlines for various reasons as of late: from CL's oh-so-scandalous taxi ride Instagram to Dara's not-so-real relationship with labelmate G-Dragon to Minzy's plans to dominate 2017 with her impending solo debut.

And now, it's Park Bom's turn to get some attention — for a good reason this time.

The news came from Twitter, as all things do these days, after one fan jokingly consulted the Ouija board set up by Universal as a promotion for that Ouija: Original of Evil movie that came out last year.

"Will @haroobomkum ever notice me," they inquired. (For the record, the Ouija board said "never.")

Bom did notice however, shouting out the fan — and then, she herself consulted the Twitter Ouija board with a question of her own: "is my solo album coming out this year?"

As AllKPop points out, Bom quickly deleted her tweet afterward — but the Ouija board's answer back still remains. ("With Me" — a terrible answer.)

Noticing that the tweet disappeared, fans were quick to ask Bom what it meant.

"So you don't have solo album this year TT.TT!?" one asked.

And then came the response from Bom: "Yes I do.."

Bo(o)m. There you have it: a Bom solo album's on the way. At some point this year. Eventually.

Never doubt the power of the Ouija board again.

See the series of tweets below.

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