It's no secret that we like to try and keep it light, both on air and with the articles we post to our websites. But sometimes, there are things going on that need to be addressed a bit seriously, and the drug epidemic going on in Maine (and across the world, it's not just us) is one of those serious matters.

According to a press release from Channel 8 WMTW, tomorrow night (Wednesday, March 31) at 8p, Channel 8 WMTW is presenting a one-hour special on the State of Addiction: What Every Family Needs to Know About Opioids. The main point of the special will be focusing in on the ongoing epidemic and how it's impacting our young Mainers who are caught up in the web of everything.

There will be a special guest panel, which includes Jon DeLena, the Associate Special Agent in Charge, DEA New England Division, who has worked closely with the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation for years; including on the collaborative New Hampshire Youth Summit on Opioid Awareness back in 2017.

Jon DeLena and the rest of the panel will cover everything from how opioids and other substances affect the brain, signs of substance misuse, the impact on the community as a whole from schools to law enforcement, and of course, tips on how to help struggling family members and friends.

The important part of all this is it's localized. The special will highlight on the epidemic specifically to Maine, not just talking about something in general with no local attachment. There will be local community leaders and professionals on the panel, including a person in recovery, Jenny Tarmey, who not only continues to successfully battle her addiction on a daily basis, but also is the Program Manager of a Maine recovery center.

And since addiction comes in all forms, even if you or someone you know doesn't battle an addiction with strictly opioids, you could still get some useful tips and a sense of warning signs in general, as well as knowledge on local Mainers that can help out in the situation.


Tomorrow night (Wednesday, March 31). 8p. Channel 8 WMTW. We all know someone battling some kind of addiction, and this will be an important hour for all of us to watch.

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