According to News Center Maine, Bangor, there's some trash talking and Super Bowl LII bets being taken between the mayors of Bangor, Maine and Bangor, Pennsylvania. By the way, Bangor, PA pronounces Bang-or as Bang-err. Anyhoo, our Maine mayor, Ben Sprague called Mayor Brooke Kerzer of Bangor, PA and proposed a friendly bet.

Here are the details:

If the Eagles win Bangor, Pennsylvania will receive:

  • Whoopie pies from Governor's Restaurant in Bangor
  • A blueberry pie from Dysart's
  • A case of Moxie
  • Bangor, Maine souvenirs
  • Stephen King books for the Bangor, PA public library

If the Patriots win, we will receive:

  • A growler of beer from Bangor Trust Brewing Company
  • A box of chocolates from Chocolates on Broadway
  • One pound of roasted coffee from Baby Harry's Coffee Company
  • A goodie basket from Grace on Broadway
  • Slate Quoit Boards, (their version of horseshoes), for the Maine Veterans Home

Beer, chocolates, coffee and recreation for our vets, I'm down for this! Do you have non-cash Super Bowl wagers going on? We would love to hear about them, Comment on our Fan Page.


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