Perhaps you spent the weekend visiting one of Maine's terrific maple farms to grab yourself someone amazing Maine maple syrup. While you were there, you likely noticed how the trees were tapped for maximum sap extraction and maybe even got to look inside the sugar house where all the magic happens. It's quite an operation. An operation that takes time, expertise and understanding. Which makes what was spotted in Westbrook this weekend all the more confusing.

Telephone pole Tap from r/Maine

Shared on Reddit by SassafrasFruit, it appears that someone attempted to tap a telephone pole in the city. Initially, commenters on the post couldn't figure out what the person hoped to glean from tapping the pole. Water or sap? The overriding comment seemed to be "this HAS to be a joke, right?"

Twitter via James Sinko
Twitter via James Sinko

If it is, the jokester is committed to anyone and everyone seeing it. Shared on Twitter by James Sinko, the telephone pole was stilled tapped as of this Monday. And it has yet to yield to any delicious maple syrup. And we can only hope that nobody, under any circumstances, is drinking the water that drips through a tap from a utility pole along a busy street in Westbrook.

If you missed out on Maine maple Sunday this past weekend, you still have a chance to get your hands on some real goodness. According to Maine Maple Producers, several maple stops will be open this coming weekend as well.

As for this pole in Westbrook, there's only one joke left to be made. "This gives a whole new meaning to your phones being tapped". Ain't that the truth.

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