Memo from President Crowley (March 20th, 2020 @ 3:30pm) 

NMCC Students – 

NMCC will not hold any face-to-face classes until further notice. The resumption of face-to-face instruction is scheduled for April 6th, however, that is unlikely.  I will communicate to you if and when we will continue face-to-face instruction for this semester by next Thursday, March 26th. 

Offices will remain open to provide services to students, however, we encourage students to call and make an appointment if possible at (207) 768-2700. 

The faculty are working to put as much content as possible online.  Faculty in the Business Technology Department, the Arts and Sciences Department, and the Nursing area have developed alternative methods of delivery of courses.  The Trade and Technical programs and the Emergency Medical Services programs are working on putting content up.  I expect next week we will see progress in those programs. 

If you have not already done so you can register for the summer or fall classes at this time.  If you have questions regarding registering for next semester you can call (207) 768-2787. 

We have the following topics under discussion and will communicate to you how we will proceed as soon as possible: 

  • Will we hold end of semester events such as Nursing Pinning, Commencement, Academic Award Night, etc.? 
  • If refunds are needed, how and when will they be provided? 

It is important for you to check your campus e-mail often!  Changes in services, schedule and classes will be sent via e-mail and posted on the college website.  Please check your campus e-mail frequently. 

If you have questions you can send an e-mail to for the college to respond to. 

Sincerely, Timothy Crowley, President, Northern Maine Community College 

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