Today is National Read A Book Day. Amazingly, people have set all kinds of records where books are concerned. Today is a great day to read a book, especially to kids.

There are records that have been set throughout the world of books.

  • Youngest Female Author - Dorothy Straight is recorded to have been the youngest female to have her book commercially published. Her book 'How the World Began' was published when she was just 4-years old in 1962.
  • Youngest Male Author - Adauto Kovalski da Silva is he youngest male to have his book commercially published. He hails from Brazil and his book 'Aprender e Facil' (Learn and Easy) was published in 2005 when he was just 5-year old.
  • Largest Book Signing - The most books ever signed in one setting by one author goes to Orrin Woodward. He signed 6,786 copies of his book, "And Justice for All" at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio on June 21, 2014. It's been reported that it took 6 hours and 33 minutes to accomplish.
  • The Fastest Selling Book of Fiction In 24 Hours - If you guessed JK Rowling's 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, then you would have guessed correctly. The novel sold 8.3 million copies in the first 24 hours. That calculates to 345,833 books per hour.
  • The Largest Collection of Privately Owned Books - This collection can be found in the great state of Indiana and belongs to John Q. Benham whose private collection boasts of over 1.5 million books.

Cool Maine Fact - Although E.B. White, author of 'Charlott's Web' and 'Stuart Little' fame, was born in New York, he lived a good portion of his life and died in Brooklin, Maine. Someone we know who lives in that town said that the home Mr. White lived in recently sold again in the tune of $3.5 million.



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