Okay I understand if Mother's Day caught you off guard this year. It happens from time to time and everyone is figuring out a new routine.  

I have told many people that every holiday since Christmas of 2019 has been sneaking up on me. Don't worry here are a few simple and affordable gift ideas for Mother's Day. A little bonus, I'll tell you right where to go. Just keep scrolling and you'll thank me at the end.  

It's a classy Swiss army knife for Mom! 

Trust me. This one is a solid hit. Get mom a nice mug. We are big fans of the Yeti mugs in our home. It's a great item for mom. She can have hot and cold favorites. Have you had ice cream in a Yeti? Try it!  Pick up one like this at Ben's Trading Post or SW Collins 


Feed her now or later.... 

You should know where the mothers in your life love to go eat in The County. We have many great options of food trucks, take out, and some dine-in options in each region of Aroostook County. You can try to take her out on Sunday, or you could pick up a gift card. Let Mom pick who she wants to use it on for bonus points!  

In the Houlton are you can try places like; TNT Takeout, Houlton Farms Dairy  

Presque Isle/Central Aroostook Area: The Rusty CrabJ&R Barbeque

The Valley: The Sporting ClubThe Lakeview

Yes! Yes! Yes! 

Do you want to be a hero? Just say yes to everything Mom asks for this weekend. The dishes? "Why yes I'd love to do them” Washing the car? "Yes. I'll take the kids with me and we will drive it through Bradley's Car Wash"   

Hi, it's so good to see you 

Mother's Day 2020 was essentially wiped out. We were about to come out of stay-at-home orders here in Maine, but like millions of others we had to cancel our plans. For many we are now able to see our mothers in person and relaxed. I know for most moms just seeing their kids will be the best gift they've ever received.  

Keep It Simple.. 

Stupendous idea! Get the Mom you know WHATEVER SHE ASKS FOR! To most people this is an obvious solution to any gift giving situation. I say this, to warn some of the younger husbands out there: 

Don't be Kyler 

We have this guy here whose name I won't mention. Let's name him Kyler. After Kyler's wife and NEW MOTHER gave birth to their first child, Kyler had a brief moment of brilliance. Brief. 

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Kyler asks his wife and NEW MOTHER what she would like for her first Mother's Day. Kyler's wife said "I would love if got me XYZ". Did Kyler get XYZ? No. No. No, he did not get exactly what his wife wanted! Yes, he is still alive 

Bottom line: Ask them. If they tell you exactly what they would like then get it.  

Happy Mother's Day 

Extra tidbit: Kyler didn't win one hole in "The Match" at Pesque Isle Country Club You can find him at The Riverview

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