What are the most popular baby names in Maine and New Hampshire? What are the top names for every state across the country?

The Right Name for the Baby and Family

Choosing the right baby name is important and a lifelong decision. Family names are used often to carry on a tradition. Naming your child after your favorite sports hero happens all the time. What’s right for you? Seeing some of the options helps.


Social Security Administration Tracks Names

The list of most popular baby names in the United States is put together by the Social Security Administration. They have the data registry of all the names of babies born in the U.S. and applications for social security cards.

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Names for Future Reference

If you’re looking for a name or know someone who is, this list can help. You also have the links to all the names for the future thanks to parents.com.


Girl Names and Boy Names

The most popular girl’s names are Evelyn, Charlotte and Amelia in both states. The most popular boy’s names are Oliver, Theodore and Owen.

Here’s the List for Maine and New Hampshire:

  • Maine: Evelyn, Charlotte, Amelia, Olivia, Harper, Oliver, Theodore, Henry, Owen, Jackson
  • New Hampshire: Charlotte, Olivia, Amelia, Evelyn, Emma, Theodore, Henry, Oliver, Owen, Benjamin

Baby Names for Every State

Are any of these names already on your mind? Are these names you expected to see? For a list of all the names in every state, click here.

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