RIP to the Chaco Taco.

I know you remember when the Chaco Taco was reportedly dying (or becoming extinct).

It was July 2022. The world was a sad place.

See, the people of New England and America (and the world even) LOVED the Chaco Taco. Summer is best paired with ice cream, and often, your standard bowl or cone of ice cream feels boring. I mean, you can only eat so many vanilla soft serves with jimmies in a waffle cone.

The Chaco Taco brought the fun and taste of ice cream with a unique way of consuming it: in taco form. It was a fun and less messy way to eat an ice cream treat!

When the Chaco Taco died, a new taco was born. A better one. A fresher one. A HOMEMADE one.

This is the fruity pebble ice cream taco. It is sold at Tricycle Ice Cream in Providence, Rhode Island, which is worth a drive to get.

This is not your average ice cream stand. They make super unique ice cream creations in the form of cones, sandwiches, and tacos!

According to the Tricycle Ice Cream website, their inspiration for their dessert delicacies comes from "our most mouth-watering childhood memories."

And I'll be the first to say that the Chaco Taco is a memory straight from my youth.

Tricycle Ice Cream offers all kinds of treats. They also have various ice cream tacos.

Not everyone is a mint ice cream person, but I certainly am. Their mint chocolate chip ice cream taco has me craving a road trip to Rhode Island.

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