Business for Sale in Presque Isle, Maine

There have been several businesses in Aroostook County that have come up for sale, but not many at the size and magnitude of the most recent notice.

Presque Isle Mobile Home Park For Sale

The Presque Isle Mobile Home Park is now listed for sale with an asking price of over one and a half million dollars - $1,650,000 - to be exact. 

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Location and Map

It’s located just west of Carmichael Street at 50 Davis Street in the Star City. The map shows you the location.

Site Specs

It is massive to say the least. There are 85 pads licensed for occupancy with 16,150 Sq. Ft. on 9.58 acres of space. There's also a single-family home on the property.

Convenience and Stores Nearby

It’s in a prime area with many local stores within walking distance or a short drive. Walmart is just around the corner, Lowe’s is really close, Freshies is nearby and the mall is close too.

Credits Offered for Upgrades

There are some credits offered by the seller that can be seen in the listing from The Dot Fernald Team, Inc., MLS#1545772.

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For More Details and Listing on Redfin

We’ve seen some places go vacant and quickly reoccupied by other businesses. It’s always nice to see the local economy pick up. All questions and inquiries can be directed to the real estate agents. For additional details on the Presque Isle Mobile Home Park at The Dot Fernald Team, Inc. via Redfin.

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