Do you want to be a millionaire?  If so, you might be aiming low.

There was a study done recently that determined how much money you would need to live ‘a millionaire lifestyle’.

That amount varies in different parts of the country of course, due mostly to the cost of living being higher, especially the cost of housing.

Let’s cut to the chase. Who wants to be a Millionaire?  Actually, the study says that Mainers would need $4,735,294 to live like a millionaire.

Realizing that being a millionaire is not necessarily the goal of most in Maine, but let’s take a look at the study. You know, just for fun.

Maine is a million dollars lower than the American average of $5,474,032. In California, with its extremely high costs, one would need $6,298,587 to live the lifestyle.

Maybe it is a good thing that our goal in life isn’t to live that lavishly.  That amount of money makes one's head spin.

You’d have to win more than one lottery to play in that league..

How does one make that kind of income?  Most felt the road to achieving millionaire status is in the field of technology.

Think Silicon Valley startups like Google, Facebooks and Tesla.

Others thought real estate would get you to that level financially. Or the entertainment industry.

Aren’t you glad we can be happy with what we have?

The survey was done by 

Why would they do the survey?

Here’s why

The current economic climate and its contributing factors are of course out of our own control, but it is possible to look into ways to improve your mindset and habits in order to reach any financial goals you may have,’ says Neal Taparia from ‘Keeping your brain sharp and mind acute can help improve general problem-solving skills, as well as help you think out the box in terms of ways to better your lifestyle habits to achieve these goals.

Those kids playing nonstop online games?  Let them be. It’s step one to being a ‘real’ millionaire.

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