Middle-aged women have been prescribed more opioids than any other age group. Could this be the reason for the climbing suicide rate in Maine?

A new report came out and stated that middle-aged women have been prescribed more opioids than any other age group in America. This increase in the drug can cause these women to be more vulnerable to abuse the drug.

The data for the report was data taken from 78,000 patients from 600 hospitals.

They found that women ages 40 through 59-years of age have the highest death rate from opioid use among women.

Dr. Jennifer Holder-Murray, co-director of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Enhanced Recovery After Surgery told one news source that more people die from the opioid overdose than heroin overdose per year.

Suicide Rates In Maine Are On The Rise, Also.

According to a 2016 article in the Press Herald, it was found that suicide rates were on the rise in Maine and some have pondered as to whether or not opioid usage had something to do with it.

Dr. Mary Dowd said that when she asked her patients what it was like being addicted to opioids they told her it was like being dead. They also told her that they could be courageous and overdose and die or feel like the walking dead.

Another study showed that out of the 220 suicide deaths reported in 2014, 31 of those were related to a drug overdose.

With the high prescriptions of middle-aged women, one can only hope that it will not lead to suicide.


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