How exciting would it be to actually take part in writing a book and then see it published? That's what happened to some school children who attend Mapleton Elementary School.

Last year Mrs. Kimberley Wright attended a book release celebration for author Martie Pritchard and the Leisure Village Writers and got the idea for her fourth-grade class to write their own book.

Now in fifth-grade, those same kids are reading the book they helped to write last year.

The children were able to interview elders within their community, which helped them write their story in a book called, "A Gift From The Future To The Leisure Village Writers."

The book is compiled with stories and memories of elderly people and how life was back when they were youngsters.

Some of the kids were surprised to hear about how life was in the past and how they hadn't really heard of that type of activity in today's world. For instance, walking a half-mile to school.

Today's kids are more familiar with riding buses, typing on their iPads and Smartphones, and playing video games and occasionally snacking on media bites that are on YouTube or other areas of the internet.

The book was finally self-published and released in December of 2017 and can be purchased at or Merchants on the Corner in Presque Isle.

Check out the life lessons of what these now fifth-graders learned while interviewing local people in their community and writing about their life experiences in the video below.

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