A 30-year-old Presque Isle man was arrested Sunday evening after he made a bomb threat at the Walmart in Presque Isle.

Police: No Explosive Device was Located

The Presque Isle Police said “after a cursory and secondary search lasting numerous hours by the Maine State Police and Presque Isle Police, no explosive device was located. Walmart will be open for usual business hours Monday morning.”

Search Warrant and Arrest

Gregory Upshaw was taken into custody after a search warrant was issued for his residence.

Aggravated Charges

Upshaw was taken to the Presque Isle Police Department and charged with Aggravated Reckless Conduct, Aggravated False Public Alarm, Terrorizing, and Creating a Police Standoff.

911 Bomb Threat

Presque Isle PD said “at approximately 4:00PM, Houlton RCC received a 911 call reporting a bomb threat at the Presque Isle Walmart. The Presque Isle Police Department contacted the Walmart store to inform them of the threat and then immediately started evacuations of all store customers and employees. The Maine State Police Bomb Team was contacted to assist with the scene. Surrounding businesses were also evacuated.”

Taken to Aroostook County Jail

Upshaw was unable to post $5,000 bail and was taken to the Aroostook County Jail. A Weapons Restriction Process has been initiated, said police.

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