Do you know Maine’s state motto? How about New Hampshire’s state motto? Or the country’s motto?

First New Hampshire’s state motto is “Live Free or Die.”  Almost everyone knows that. 99% of people in their state know their state motto.

So how about America’s official motto.  “In God We Trust” has been the motto since 1956. Most would get that correct when quizzed too. Agree?

Back to our state motto. How about we do a quiz?  A multiple-choice quiz called “Name the Maine State Motto”.

Not the state slogan or nickname which are often used to promote the state for marketing reasons. Like Vacationland. Pine Tree State.  Open For Business.  Welcome Home.  Or the current The Way Life Should Be.

On with the motto quiz. Here are your choices:

  • A Neighbor of One.
  • We Produce.
  • No One Will Order Us
  • I Direct

From the four choices, the number of correct answers goes up. This is why multiple-choice questions were so popular in school tests back in the day. You could guess if you had no idea, and it does teach you to pick the most correct answer. Were you one that in a multiple choice quiz looked and saw 3 or 4 answers in a row that were all the same letter and thought

“better change my answer because no way would they have the answer be C 3 or 4 questions in a row.”

Maine state motto is indeed Dirigo, meaning ‘I Direct’. The nationwide survey by Solitaire Bliss, see it here, said that about only two-thirds of us in Maine got it correct.

Maine Seal

Not that your life is any different if you didn’t get the answer correct.

If the question was about how much Mainers love Maine, the guess is that more than two-thirds would have the answer that scores closer to 100%.  And all the reasons why would make a good story too.

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