Maine has been under a rumored Moxie shortage since the pandemic started

When a lot was still unknown about the pandemic back in the summer of 2020 and shortages were still being felt in massive ways throughout the country, one rumor had Mainers freaking out -- was there a shortage of Moxie and would the iconic Maine drink be discontinued?

Thankfully, it didn't take Moxie's producer, Coca-Cola, too long to respond to the uproar from the 207 and also Moxie fans from away that the rumored shortage caused.

But even though Coca-Cola made the shortage seem temporary and that production would get back to regular standards once things normalized a bit, when things seemed as close to 2019 as possible in the first three quarters of 2020, there was still one glaring omission -- an abundance of Moxie.

In fact, Moxie was becoming so hard to find and track down that at the end of last month, Reddit user ExpensiveHomework285 reached out to fellow Redditors to try and track down where he could find some.

The original Moxie Man passed away back in 2017

For years, Frank Anicetti was better known as The Moxie Man, who could be found at the Moxie Museum and taught drinkers of Moxie to first take a few steps and let the bitter turn better. Frank was so beloved as the Moxie Man that when he sadly passed away in May 2017, Mainers felt the loss and created tributes to him, including this one from Channel 8 WMTW.

Box of Maine hilariously revived the Moxie Man on their TikTok channel

If you're unfamiliar with Box of Maine, it's a locally-owned business that packs boxes full of Maine-made products and ships them out to customers who order them. They always seem to be backed up, but they're almost untouchable during the holidays, sending out every bit of Maine goodness they can to fans of Vacationland from away as gifts.

A few days ago on their TikTok page, Box of Maine decided to have some fun in highlighting the rumored Moxie shortage by showing off a new and improved Moxie Man. Needless to say, he's losing sanity without copious amounts of his delicious Maine-made drink.

Hopefully, as we continue to get closer and closer to normal -- somehow, somewhere, an insane abundance of little orange cans will start popping back up in stores everywhere. Until then, the Moxie Battle Royale shall continue for ultimate Moxie hoarding supremacy.

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