I work with these two clowns. And no, I did not dress them up for my blog post. I ran to get my camera when I saw them. Our kick-ass Sales Manager, Mike Marcello, is wearing a Santa suit left over from our company Christmas party, along with a hunter's cap from a Redneck Wedding that our sister station performed last year- shout out to WJBQ! Michelle Buck, "Director of Everything", is the smartest of all of us so she very sensibly keeps a hoodie in her cubicle. This bizarre work attire came about because these two were freezing from the air conditioning! What?! I can't get enough A/C!

In workplaces across Maine, Air Conditioner Wars are happening at this very minute! Some people can't seem to cool down and others are freezing. We want to hear about yours. Comment on our Fan Page!


Is Marcello more Santa, or more Elmer Fudd?

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