I had to give this guy kudos because Batman is one of my most favorite Super Heroes of all time. Why you ask? Because he has no superpowers, he's just a regular guy ( Disclaimer: He's also insanely rich). I even dressed up as Batman for Holloween on several occasions because, why not? 

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Keith Dinsmore from Portland Maine However takes the cake with his Batsuit. Not only does he look like the Dark Knight, But he has thirty working bat gadgets on his outfit, and it does not disappoint. The thirty gadget costume display has even earned this man a Guinness World Record!

Credit: YouTube

He is not only into it, but his wife Mollie has decided to partake in this unusual but remarkable display of art as Bat Girl. They have used their superb ability and character acting to help raise money for organizations like Make a Wish. 

Credit YouTube

This story is near and dear to my heart as I love costumes and Cosplay. My weight has fluctuated as of late, so I need new outfits, but for the most part, people being interested in the arts even if the canvas is their own body is impressive. Do you know anyone that Cosplays? Have you thought about it?

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