We Mainers love to drive. We also love to find out what you can and can not do whilst driving a 2-ton vehicle.

For example, you shouldn't eat while you drive if it's distracting you. You also can't text and drive, obvi. You can't have sex while you're driving, for obvious reasons. This is called distracted driving.

The Maine Turnpike Authority just put out a list of 7 additional things you cannot do while driving. Most of the items are common sense in my opinion but I for one just flossed the other day while driving a car, so even my common sense can be skewed at times.

I also watched a woman do her full face of makeup, while talking on the phone and driving with her legs. So I think it's time to put out another list just to remind you of things you may already know but definitely happen.

If the Turnpike Authority is putting out an official list of things you can't do, then it's obvious that these silly things, like shaving have been done while driving.

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Below is a list of 7 Things Not to Do While Driving in Maine

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