"I caught a fish this big!" A young man named Wyatt Mores who's 17 years old and owns his own boat. He went out with his other friends Martin Scanlan, 16, of Aspen, Colorado, Griffin Buckwalter, 16, of Scarborough, and they hooked onto a massive tuna. How big was it? Well, according to the final measurement, it was 109 inches and 750 pounds, that's a lot of tuna salad; that's a lot of tuna rolls, and most importantly, it's definitely record-breaking. One of the main questions I have is how he is 17 and owns a boat, and I can't even pay off my car? The boys went 40 miles off the coast of Portland when a giant bluefin caught their line. They said it was the most insane thing they've ever witnessed, and they still had no idea the size of this massive fish until they were able to reel it in. The actual fight to reel the fish took six hours, and it even pulled them 10 miles away from their previous location.

"It was brutal. I had time to take a nap during the fight, woke up, and they were still fighting it," Griffin said. To CountryRebel.com "I ate some food, had some lunch, and I'm just hanging out, watching these guys work their butts off."

"We didn't see the fish until 6 hours into the fight. He just stayed deep — 300 feet of water — and he didn't want to come up," Wyatt said. "They just they're so strong. It's incredible."

We have a video of the entire encounter below what's the largest fish you've ever caught?


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