Maine doesn't have the most lighthouses in the United States. I know, right? With all of the fishing, the history, and 5,000 miles of unique and rocky coastline, how is it not Maine?

Michigan Beats Maine in the Most Lighthouse - By A Lot

Michigan has the longest freshwater coastline than any other state, giving it good reason to host 150 lighthouses. That's almost 100 more than Maine. But it's not about quantity. It's about quality.

Portland Head Light
Getty Images/Sean Pavone

Maine has some of the oldest lighthouses rich in history. This includes the first AMERICAN lighthouse - Portland Light Head. This lighthouse, erected in 1791, was the first to be built after America became independent from Britain. Does Michigan have that? Not even close. Maine inhales USA, while Michigan just sniffs it. Portland Light Head is also the oldest in Maine.

Roll the Dyce on the Best Lighthouse in Maine

Dyce Head Light
David Bugenske/TSM Maine

This flatlander hit up Dyce (or Dice) Head as his first Maine lighthouse to check out, and I wasn't the least surprised at how in awe I was. Built in 1828 and it's still standing strong emitting light every 6-seconds. People actually live in this lighthouse. How cool is that?! Although not opened to the public, we are still able to walk the grounds, but be respectful of the residents.

Castine Sign
David Bugenske/TSM Maine

Castine, Maine is a Beautiful Town Worth a Visit

The city of Castine actually owns the lighthouse that has guided ships safely into the Penobscot River for decades. When you're finished checking out Dyce Head Light, cruise the historic town of Castine and its rocky shores. Some of the homes are worth admiring, too. Lots of money. Maybe even try making a friend or two.

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Which of the more than 60 lighthouses in Maine should a flatlander make a priority to visit? Which is the best? Email me, David, and let me know!

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