Heads up if you have a student loan and need to get back on track with payments that were stopped during the pandemic.

Lots of students have not made a single payment on their student loan.

Loans were put on hold years ago during the pandemic, and the bill to forgive student loans was turned over by the Supreme Court.

So, for some, it’s time to work on the payback for the first time. No matter where you went to school. As of October 1st, loan paybacks are back.

And you can’t just ignore things hoping they go away. Unfortunately, that will not work.

There were extensions after extensions during the pandemic, and then for many burdened with student loans, the hope that the debt cancellation would be put into law, but that isn’t happening now.

Many Mainers might find themselves confused by what is next when it comes to their student loans.


First go to the U.S. Government loan site. Here is the link.

Getting your account up to date is step one. And then you’ll find where you stand and what comes next.

But don’t procrastinate.  As of October 1st, 28 million borrowers are back on track for their student loans.

Check the site for the options to get started, asap.

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