Troop F of the Maine State Police responded to 140 calls for service over the past week in and around Aroostook County. Here is the Troop’s weekly report:

Maine State Police/ Facebook
Maine State Police/ Facebook

Incident Type: THEFT Date: 12/05/2017 Town: HOULTON Trooper: TR. BELL Brief Synopsis: Tr. Bell summonsed a female suspect for Theft, Class C, stemming from an investigation that began in September 2017. While the female was working for a male victim, the female apparently was able to get the male’s debit card and/or debit card information. Bank statements, surveillance video, and the female’s admission showed that the female purchased hundreds of dollars of items at multiple stores and paid her boyfriend’s court fines. The female alleged she had permission, however the male said that particular card was off limits.

Incident Type: SUSPICIOUS INCIDENT Date: 12/05/2017 Town: BLAINE Trooper: TR. PESCITELLI Brief Synopsis: Tr. Pescitelli was called out to a report of an elderly woman walking along the side of Route 1 in Blaine whom appeared intoxicated at 0445 hrs. Tr. Pescitelli responded and found the woman still walking and learned she was not intoxicated just walking to a Doctor’s appointment in Houlton. Due to the cold weather and low visibility Tr. Pescitelli gave the woman a ride to the hospital and suggested she get a taxi to get back home.

Incident Type: BURGLARY Date: 12/06/2017 Town: PATTEN Trooper: TR. STOUTAMYER Brief Synopsis: Tr. Stoutamyer responded to a report of a burglary at the Patten Redemption Center. Someone had thrown a rock through the glass of a rear window during the night, and gained access to the interior. Nothing was damaged other than the window, but a red Keurig Coffee maker was stolen, and it appeared that they may have just spent some time inside.

Incident Type: OUI Date: 12/06/2017 Town: CASTLE HILL Trooper: TR. KILCOLLINS Brief Synopsis: Tr. Kilcollins was patrolling in Castle Hill and observed a vehicle that appeared to be disabled on the side of the roadway. Tr. Kilcollins stopped to check the driver and discovered he was impaired. The man was arrested for OUI and was transported to the Aroostook County Jail. The female passenger was on Federal probation with conditions not to consume alcohol and the woman had been drinking, which was reported to the probation officer. The PO stated she would deal with the woman the following day so she was released.

Incident Type: EXPIRED DRIVER’S LICENSE Date: 12/07/2017 Town: EASTON Trooper: TR. KILCOLLINS Brief Synopsis: Tr. Kilcollins stopped a vehicle in Easton for speeding. During the stopped he discovered the female driver had an expired driver’s license from 2010. The woman was issued a criminal summons for operating with an expired driver’s license and a traffic summons for not having insurance on her vehicle.

Incident Type: VIOLATION OF BAIL Date: 12/08/2017 Town: FORT FAIRFIELD Trooper: TR. KILCOLLINS Brief Synopsis: Tr. Kilcollins stopped a vehicle in Fort Fairfield for speeding. During the stop, Tr. Kilcollins discovered the male driver had current bail conditions and a suspended driver’s license. Tr. Levesque and K-9 “Vitz” responded to assist Tr. Kilcollins with a traffic stop in Fort Fairfield. Tr. Levesque and Vitz searched the car but did not locate any illegal drugs. Tr. Kilcollins arrested the driver for OAS and violation of conditions of release. He was also issued a traffic summons for speeding, not wearing his seatbelt, and for not having insurance.

Incident Type: OAS Date: 12/08/2017 Town: CONNOR Trooper: TR. LEVESQUE Brief Synopsis: Tr. Levesque stopped a vehicle in Conner for a traffic infraction. The female driver, from Orono, had a suspended driver’s license and a history of OAS. Tr. Levesque issued the woman a criminal summons for OAS and helped her arrange for a license driver to come get her and her vehicle.

Incident Type: WARRANT / OAS Date: 12/09/2017 Town: ISLAND FALLS Trooper: CPL. QUINT Brief Synopsis: Cpl. Quint responded to a vehicle off the road in Island Falls. The driver stated he did not know what happened and somehow drove off the right side of the roadway. During the investigation, it was discovered the man had a suspended driver’s license and a warrant for his arrest. The man was arrested without incident and was able to make bail. The man stated he was hired to transport antique furniture and was on his way to Ohio with his pickup and trailer.

Incident Type: OAS Date: 12/08/2017 Town: WASHBURN/ ASHLAND Trooper: TR. PESCITELLI Brief Synopsis: Tr. Pescitelli stopped two motor vehicles throughout his shift on 12/8/2017 for various violations. It was discovered operators of both vehicles were suspended. Both drivers were issued a summons for the offense.

Incident Type: WARRANT Date: 12/09/2017 Town: MARS HILL Trooper: TR. PESCITELLI Brief Synopsis: Tr. Pescitelli received a suspicious complaint in Mars Hill. An investigation revealed that two men were trespassing on the property and one of them had an active arrest warrant. Said subject was arrested and transported to ACJ.

Incident Type: WARRANT Date: 12/08/2017 Town: EASTON Trooper: TR. PESCITELLI Brief Synopsis: Tr. Pescitelli discovered a male he was familiar with had an active warrant for his arrest. Tr. Pescitelli located the male at a residence in Easton and arrested him for the warrant. The male was then transported to ACJ.

Incident Type: ASSIST OTHER AGENCY Date: 12/09/2017 Town: WOODLAND Trooper: TR. PESCITELLI Brief Synopsis: Tr. Pescitelli was requested by Crown Ambulance to respond to a residence in Woodland involving a highly intoxicated female. Tr. Pescitelli and Stoutamyer responded and an investigation revealed that the woman was chasing her brother around outside and slipped on ice and cut her head open. Witnesses on scene said no assault had taken place. The woman was transported to CARY Medical Center

Incident Type: OAS Date: 12/10/2017 Town: SHERMAN Trooper: TR. CASAVANT Brief Synopsis: Tr. Casavant charged a Houlton man with operating after suspension. The subject was stopped for a traffic infraction while traveling north on the interstate in Sherman. The subject’s license was suspended for failing to pay a fine.

Incident Type: TRESPASS/CIVIL Date: 12/10/2017 Town: MARS HILL Trooper: SGT. HAINES Brief Synopsis: Sgt. Haines investigated a reported criminal trespass complaint in Mars Hill. A female reported that another female had been on her property and she didn’t want her to be there anymore. Sgt. Haines eventually spoke with all the involved parties and determined it was a civil custody issue and they were referred back to the court. The woman had sat outside in her car for a child exchange and hadn’t trespassed.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.

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