Here are a few of the incidents investigated by Troop F of the Maine State Police in the first week of February. Summaries are taken from the weekly police log and may be minimally edited for clarity.

Woman Pulled Over in Caribou after Following Too Close to State Trooper

On February 2, Trooper Roy was driving through Caribou and the vehicle behind him was following at an unsafe distance. Tr. Roy pulled to the right of the roadway to let the vehicle pass and it turned into a parking lot. The trooper turned around and initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle. Further investigation revealed that driver had a suspended driver’s license. Tr. Roy issued the woman a criminal summons for OAS and a warning for following too close. The woman arranged for a licensed driver to come get her and the vehicle.


Driver Arrested on Active Warrant in Fort Kent Traffic Stop

On February 2, Trooper Roy and Trooper Desrosier were in Fort Kent when a vehicle passed where they were parked.  Tr. Desrosier recognized the vehicle and believed the registered owner had an active arrest warrant.  The vehicle also had several defects.  Tr. Roy initiated a traffic stop and arrested the driver on the warrant. The man had the money on him to post bail and was taken to Fort Kent PD to meet with a bail commissioner.  After, Tr. Roy brought him back to his vehicles and warned him for the defects.


Woman Arrested after Crashing Car in Mars Hill

On February 3, Trooper Roy was notified that a school bus driver reported while conducting his run a vehicle crossed into his lane and almost struck the bus head-on. Sgt. Clark and Tr. Roy responded and Sgt. Clark found the vehicle crashed in a ditch. The driver was arrested for driving to endanger and suspected OUI (drugs). Trooper Desrosier, a Drug Recognition Expert, conducted an evaluation and determined she was not impaired. The woman was issued criminal summons for driving to endanger.


Burglary Suspect Arrested in Fort Fairfield Traffic Stop

On February 1, Trooper Rider was driving through Fort Fairfield and observed a man he knew had an active arrest warrant for burglary and robbery. Tr. Rider stopped the man and explained he was being arrested for the open warrant.  While conducting his investigation, Tr. Rider also found methamphetamines and fentanyl on his person and a loaded handgun in the vehicle. The man was prohibited from possession dangerous weapons per his current bail conditions.  The man was transported to the Aroostook County Jail in Houlton.


Man Arrested after Vehicle Goes Off the Road at Madawaska Lake

On February 5, Trooper Martin was patrolling Madawaska Lake Township when he observed a vehicle off the road. Tr. Martin made contact with the operator of the vehicle and learned the man’s license was suspended. Further investigation revealed that the man had bail conditions not to operate a motor vehicle and had an active warrant out of Knox County. Tr. Martin arrested the man on the warrant and summonsed the man for operating after suspension and for violating his conditions of release. The man was able to post bail and was later released. The man’s vehicle was towed from the scene.


Man Summonsed in Houlton for Driving Unregistered, Uninspected, Uninsured Vehicle

On February 6, Trooper Cotton was passing through Houlton on Route 1 when he observed a truck with a tinted windshield and no inspection sticker. Tr. Cotton initiated a traffic stop and found the vehicle’s registration expired in 2020. Tr. Cotton issued the man a criminal summons for operating an unregistered motor vehicle over 150 days as well as a summons for failing to produce evidence of insurance and for the inspection sticker.


Houlton Man Jailed for Bail Violation

On February 6, Trooper Cotton and Sgt. Fuller received information about a male subject in Houlton with an active warrant for violation of bail. The male subject had a pretrial contract and had a GPS monitoring device attached to his ankle. Sgt. Fuller checked two stores in town where the GPS was placing the man. Tr. Cotton checked the man’s residence on Court Street in Houlton. Tr. Cotton observed the man’s vehicle stuck in some snow at the end of his driveway and contacted the operator. Tr. Cotton determined that the man with the warrant was inside the residence. Tr. Cotton made contact with the man who had the warrant while he exited his house. After confirming the man’s identity, Tr. Cotton arrested him on the warrant. Tr. Cotton transported the man to Aroostook County Jail where he was held without bail.


Two Men Arrested at Patten Body Shop on Outstanding Warrants

Trooper Saucier had been searching during recent shifts for a local man who had warrants for his arrest, but the man would not answer the door each time Tr. Saucier went. On February 1, Tr. Saucier was able to locate the 50-year-old Stacyville man at a body shop in Patten and took him into custody without incident. The man was transported to Penobscot County Jail.  While Tr. Saucier was there, he identified another man who had three warrants.  Tr. Sylvia responded and took the 38-year-old Sherman man into custody.  Tr. Sylvia transported the man to the Troop F Barracks where he was able to make bail.  Both men were on conditions of release for prior incidents. Tr. Saucier’s investigation revealed both were in violation of those conditions and they were VCR.


State Police Investigate Case of Theft by Deception in Linneus

On February 6, Trooper Sylvia was called to a residence in Linneus related to a fraud complaint.  The caller reportedly bought a black lab puppy from a person in Oklahoma and paid using Venmo for the dog, shipping, and insurance.  The dog was supposed to arrive in Bangor that day and did not. The caller is now unable to contact the seller and believes it was a scam.

Troop F is responsible for Maine State Police coverage for all of Aroostook County and the northern parts of Penobscot, Piscataquis and Somerset Counties. The Commanding Officer is Lt. Brian L. Harris.

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