If you haven't started already, holiday shopping season is right around the corner. Mainer's must be pretty spirited because experts think they'll spend the most this year.

The folks at BlackFriday.com recently surveyed people to find out what their biggest trends are in order to find how who is spending what and how much.

Their study showed that the average shopper plans to spend at least $625 on gifts this year. That may be a lot for some, but not so much for others.

It's said that Maine consumers don't seem to have a big budget set aside for Cyber Monday whereas 39-percent of Nevada consumers are planning to spend between $801 and $1,200 on gifts this year.

The report showed that just 43-percent of Maine consumers are planning to begin their holiday shopping in November.

Here are some of the spending projections of those in the Pine Tree State.

  • 34-percent of Mainers said they won't spend any money for Black Friday and 36-percent of Mainer's are planning to spend less than $400.
  • Concerning Cyber Monday, 30-percent of Mainers said that they won't spend any money and 70-percent are planning to spend less than $400.
  • Shopping on work hours? 18-percent of Mainers said that they plan to shop Cyber Monday on their work ours. (Be aware boss)!

How about you? Have you begun your holiday shopping already? Do you start in November or wait until December. Happy Shopping!

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