We've heard the words 'buy local' all of the time, but it's great when a big company uses products from our area in the county! A Mapleton malt house is now on the map.

According to a report, the Portland-based Shipyard Brewing Company is now using local Mapleton malt for its signature Export Ale. This is a first for the brewing company in 25 years.

The way the partnership works is that right around 10-percent of the barley they'll use in their ale will come from Aroostook County.

Meanwhile, Maine Malt House in Mapleton has been expanding their business as well. Their product is used in Allagash's Sixteen Counties as well.

And now they'll need to expand even more in order to meet the demands of their existing clients as well as meeting the needs of their new partnership with Shipyard Brewing Company.

With all of this expansion, it's sure to bring more jobs to those in the county and especially the Mapleton-Presque Isle area.

Shipyard Brewing Company's Export Ale already is shipped to about 40 states in the Union, but now consumers will get a taste of product from the county.

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