July tends to be one of the hottest months in Maine, which means residents of the state will be turning up their air conditioners, which cost more on their energy bill.

Our friends at WalletHub.com recently studied the consumption habits and the impact those habits have on our pocketbooks.

The folks who bring about results have a secret formula they use based on different types of residential energy uses and types. The include everything from natural gas, to electricity, to motor fuel and heating oil.

Sounds like what we use here in Maine, right? Right! So, where does the Pine Tree State find itself in all of this?

After calculating all of the critical parts of the equation, this is what they came up with and it's not looking too bad for us here in Maine.

Overall, Maine ranked 7th out of 50 states plus Washington D.C., which means we pay a pretty high price for energy here.

Maine ranked first in the highest prices for heating oil costs, according to the study. But Maine ranked one of the lowest in the nation, 49th, for natural gas costs.

Here is a list of the top 6 states of total energy costs by state.


Although Mainers are in the bottom five for natural-gas consumption, the people in the state rank 4th in the highest prices paid.

As you can see, if you live in Connecticut, you're paying top dollar in the country for energy. However, for those in the D.C. area, they are paying the lowest.

Keep an eye on how long your air conditioner runs and at what setting it's on while you're home and away to help you save money this summer.

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