I marvel at how quickly COVID vaccines have been developed. I know most of us are impatiently awaiting the day to get the jab, but it is utterly miraculous that we have them at all. The vaccine also gives us something we all need desperately right now. HOPE. We know that things are going to improve THIS YEAR. That we will be able to travel, go to school, go out to restaurants and concerts, and be able to hug those people we have waiting so long to be with.

We came across some great COVID data visualizations from Nick Adams. Nick does it all-designer, researcher, and creator of all kinds of things from furniture to oil painting. A true Renaissance man! Nick has some insightful and easy to follow COVID-related charts. You can check them out here. Data dashboards are updated once per week and use official results from the Maine CDC.

Here is one of Nick's charts showing the percentage of residents that have been fully vaccinated. Maine is doing a good job coming in at #8. it will be interesting to watch this chart as the weeks go on. You can see the entire fully-interactive chart HERE

Nick Adams


Here's a map of the fully-vaccinated residents in each state. See the full, interactive map HERE

Nick Adams


Here are the towns in Maine that have the most cases per 1000 people. You can see more towns and the fully-interactive chart HERE. Again, remember the data is updated every week so keep checking back to see how this all trends.

Nick Adams


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